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What is Wallery?

Updated on April 18, 2017

Wallery is many things.

It is a powerful discovery tool, designed to help you find social media posts containing a particular keyword or hashtag. Wallery will search across various social media networks and deliver content matching the terms you have specified quickly and efficiently.

More than that, Wallery is a reliable curation tool as well. We have worked hard to ensure curation with Wallery is as straightforward and efficient on your smartphone or a tablet as it is on your PC. With Wallery, you can curate all incoming social media posts and ongoing conversations with ease!

Wallery is a beautiful way to display your earned and owned content, social media conversations and more. We have designed Wallery to fit any screen, DOOH, jumbotron, projector and more – and we’ve made sure it looks stunning at any resolution.

Above all else, Wallery is a tool for you to use and unleash your creativity. Use it as an engagement tool at your event venue or your website, a discovery tool to up your content curation game, or as a convincing source of genuine social proof.

Wallery is all this, and more.

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