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I’ve chosen my hashtag but the content is not appearing on my wall

Updated on April 19, 2017

After you’ve created your wall and chosen your hashtag Wallery will need a few moments to collect social media posts with your chosen hashtag (or hashtags). The wait time depends on the volume of Twitter and Instagram posts and a couple of other parameters.

Very often, the wait time will be just a few seconds long. In case it’s been a couple of minutes try these troubleshooting steps:

Make sure you’ve hit “Save and publish”

If you’ve chosen your hashtags but there seems to be no content showing up on your wall make sure you have clicked on the “Save and publish” button in the top-right corner of your screen.

Remember, Wallery does not start fetching content from social media until you’ve done this.

Go to the source

If there is still no content showing up on your wall, double-check if anyone is using your hashtag on social media. Go to Twitter search and Instagram search and type in the hashtag you’ve chosen to display on your wall.

Sort the search results to “Most recent” on Instagram and “Latest” on Twitter. Now you can see when the latest posts were made with your chosen hashtags.

If there were, indeed, posts with your chosen hashtags posted on social media since you’ve created your wall but they are not being displayed on your wall or in your moderation panel, move on to the nest step.

Have you recently switched hashtags?

If you, or one of your Wallery team members, has recently switched or updated hashtags it will take up to a minute for Wallery to start collecting social media posts again.

Consider limitations of your current plan

As explained here, certain subscription plans come with certein refresh rate limitations.

While all Premium users enjoy instant refresh times, our Basic users can experience up to 10 minutes refresh time (though it is more often less). For Free users, the content refresh time is up to 30 minutes.

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