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I can’t log in

Updated on April 19, 2017

I can’t log into the Wallery account I own

If you are having troubles logging into a Wallery account you are an owner of, consider trying out the following steps:

Make sure you are typing in your password correctly

Make sure you are using a correct password

Click on the eye icon next to your password input field. By doing this you can see your password as you input it into the field. If you are sure you’ve been spelling your password correctly, consider proceeding to the next step.

Reset your password

Forgotten password - Wallery

Request a password reset by clicking on the “I forgot my password” link on your login screen. Once you’ve done this check your email. You will receive a password reset link in your inbox within a couple of minutes.

I can’t log into a Wallery account I am a member of

There are a couple of reasons why you might not be able to log into a Wallery account you are a member (but not an owner) of.

  • The owner has revoked your access to the account
  • The account has been downgraded to a Free account and thus doesn’t support multiple users
  • The account has been deleted and no longer exists

Try and contact the account owner. They might not be aware of the fact their account has been downgraded or might have revoked your access accidentally.

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