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Are there free Wallery accounts?

Updated on April 18, 2017

Yes! Aside from our 7-day free trial, where you get to try out all of the features of our Basic and Premium plan for free for 7 days, Wallery also offers a completely free account you can use at any time.

Our Free plan is, and forever will be, completely free for use.

What can I do with a free Wallery account?

  • Our free plan lets you have one active hub
  • It allows for one user
  • You can choose any one Twitter hashtag to track
  • Your hub will be set to automatic moderation
  • There are limited layouts and personalization options
  • Up to 30 minutes content refresh time
  • To create your free Wallery account simply sign up for Wallery today!

    Pro tip: You can upgrade your Free Wallery account to Basic or Premium whenever you feel like it. No need to create a separate account at all.

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